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Consumer Choices for Satellite Television in USA

Anyone born during the baby boom era remembers when television was limited to the offerings of the local broadcast stations. If one were lucky, hey may have been able to pick up the broadcast from outlying regions. The quality of the channels that were available were only matched by the volume, which is to say, very few. For many new satellite television customers, the attraction to the service is the number of channels that the service provider offers. Many service providers offer a basic package which may range from 50 to 100 channels to premium packages which could range in channel offerings in the range of 350 to 500 channels. This far exceeds the channel offering for local channels which can range between 5 to 7 primary local broadcast channels and maybe a half dozen to a dozen more of broadcast channels just within range of the local affiliates. Most satellite televisions services include the primary local broadcast stations in their packages but they offer much more in terms of sports, home improvement stations, movie channels, news channels and a number of offerings which in the fields of children‘s programming, outdoor living, reality television and foreign language channels. This additional programming provides an extensive variety of television shows for the customer to enjoy. The number of channels provided by one service provider can be compared to another service provider. The customer should be aware that not every satellite television service provider provide the same channels. For example, Direct TV and DISH both carry the NFL Channel but only Direct TV carry channels dedicated to the NFL Redzone packages. This package provides broadcast of every NFL game on Sunday as well as a channel dedicated to fantasy football players. Other programming may be exclude or be an exclusive to one service provider as compared to another. If the customer desires a certain program or a program block, they need to make sure that the service provider that they are considering carries the programming that they desire. Equipment Options

Satellite television installation has one benefit over cable television. Instead of cable having to be run throughout one‘s entire house, a satellite antennae is installed on the roof of the customer‘s house or residence and the receiver units are placed in the rooms where the television programming will be received and viewed. What used to be considered unsightly has now become a norm among the urban landscape. Potential customers should be aware of the nature of the equipment that will need to be place and installed in or on their residence or place of business. While all of the satellite television equipment is part of the monthly package that the individual pays for as part of their subscription service, that very same individual will be responsible for any damage caused to any of the equipment once it has been installed. It is important that the customer notifies the service provider of any issues relating to any of the installed equipment. While the satellite television equipment such as the receiver can be integrated into a customer‘s home entertainment system, the customer should not take any action to alter the working components of the equipment to damage the equipment. such action would shift the cost of repair to the customer. If the customer is not willing to accept the responsibility of the care of the service provider‘s equipment, they should seriously consider subscribing with a satellite television provider.

Price Comparison in USA

Customers should take the time to compare pricing for the programming package that they are interested in purchasing. The pricing offered by the satellite television service provider is the key issue for many potential customers that are trying to decide which service provider to engage. Many customers have budget and this is their guiding factor in determining which service provider to be their satellite television provider. The customer should also realize that they do have power to negotiate with the service provider. Many customers do not realize that the pricing of their package is not necessarily set. The price can be negotiated based on the nature of the package that they are seeking and issues such as the number of channels and the type of equipment that is desire. For example, if a customer wants 350 channels and high definition television, as well as satellite link boxes or units in multiple rooms in their house, this customer should expect to pay a significantly higher price than the customer who selects a basic package with standard definition for only one or two rooms in their house. Customers should also take advantage of any promotions and special deals that may be offered by the satellite provider in USA. These may include introductory offers, discounts for various packages, free promotions for select channels, as well as referrals from friends and families. Customers should also employ their own ability to negotiate to increase the quality of the package that they are seeking from their service provider. The satellite television company is competing for your business and it knows that if you do not select their service, then you will select another. They can and will be flexible in negotiating price to secure you has one of their customers.


Package Bundles

Customers today desire greater options with their entertainment packages. With the advent of mobile devices such as cellular phones and tablet devices, the average satellite television customer desires premium coverage for their satellite television service. Most top line satellite providers provide what is called a bundled package of services. This bundle includes, the satellite service and equipment, wifi and internet connection and land line telephone services. This bundling makes the provider‘s package more competitive with line based cable companies as well as other satellite television providers. The service bundle can be custom made to the needs of the customer, including the band widths of the and the speed of the internet service provided. Many customers are in the new generation of people who have never had a hard line telephone service in their house. The bundling provides the customer superior support for all of their internet and cellular needs. The customer does not have to choose the bundling of services and could just settle for the single satellite television service. However, they may find it is to their advantage cost wise to select the bundle. This type of package offering also provides the customer with a comparison reference for other service providers and can also be handy negotiation tool when the customer is trying to select between various service providers. The customer should be aware that the services provided in the bundle may not be superior quality. For example, while a service provider‘s satellite coverage is of superior quality, their high speed internet may not be as reliable or their phone service may be lacking. Thus, an attractive bundle price may not be such a bargain after all.